Coresi Business Park awarded "Transaction of the Year” at Forbes Best Offices Gala

09 March 2018

Ceetrus Romania and Ascenta Management received the “Transaction of the Year” award at Forbes Best Office Buildings Gala for Coresi Business Park project.

On Monday, 26th of February, the fourth edition of the Forbes Best Office Buildings Gala took place, where the most important actors in the office segment were awarded: developers, investors, owners, banks, tenants.

Ceetrus Romania and Ascenta Management received the “Transaction of the Year” award for the purchase, respectively the sale of Coresi Business Park, in July 2017, at a value exceeding 50 million euros.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that real estate development needs a new momentum and a wider vision, that goes beyond the individual interest. Intelligent urbanization, in partnership with local authorities, is an opportunity to create mixed spaces that go beyond their immediate function and make sense to the community they are addressing, creating life and cohesion at district, city, and regional levels. By acting as an Global Urban Player, we want to play a facilitator and integrator role that is so necessary for Romania’s coherent and sustainable urban development, “said Tatian Diaconu, CEO of Ceetrus Romania.

The evening started with a discussion panel moderated by the editor-in-chief of Forbes Romania, Ionut Bonoiu, where speakers were Tatian Diaconu - CEO Ceetrus Romania, Stephen Richard Burke - Construction Director at Forte Partners and Raul Doicescu - founder of Bog’art.