Coresi Avantgarden – 2017 Retrospective

09 March 2018

The entire Coresi Avantgarden project will be developed in five stages and will include over 2,200 apartments.

Stages of the project

The first two phases comprise 1,000 dwelling units with a total land area of ​​6.7 ha and are 100% sold. 300 units were handed over and 150 families are already living in the neighbourhood.

The sales process for the third phase of the project were launched in autumn 2017. The architectural concept is signed by Igloo Architecture Bucharest.

The four buildings sum up 288 apartments. They are located in 7 and 8-storey buildings with seating terraces for future tenants.

Sales status: 105 apartments out of 288 (36%).

The completion term for the third phase is Q4 2019.

Commercial areas are provided at the ground floors of the buildings and urban squares and playgrounds complement the Coresi Avantgarden offer.

Pedestrian axis

It was put into use in December 2017 and connects the Coresi Shopping Resort and the office area, having as terminus point Brasov Railway Station.

The area of ​​green spaces is important for creating recreation oasis, walks and social activities in the neighbourhood.

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