Ceetrus Romania buys Coresi Business Park offices

28 July 2017

Ceetrus Romania reaffirms its role as Global Urban Player by addressing a new business segment - the offices.

Ceetrus buys Coresi Business Park, integrating the office component in Coresi District, completing thus the functional mix and the urban catalyst spirit of the project in Brașov.

Coresi Business Park consists of 4 renovated buildings from former industrial halls and 3 new ones built in the last two years, according to A class standards. The project, situated in the proximity of a public park and Brașov railway station, is served by public transportation, parking, restoration, and it will be directly connected to Coresi Shopping Resort and Coresi Avantgarden, by a pedestrian and bicycle lane.

The office project is spread over a park of more than 15 hectares, leaving space for future development of up to 60 000 sqm GLA, over a period of 10 years.

Coresi District becomes an emblematic project for the new Ceetrus Vision and brings a substantial and valuable contribution to the city of Brașov, through the ambitious master plan of regenerating the industrial platform, the activity mix and its dimension.